Company Info

Company Info


141 Innovative Medical Collaboration Building, 1-20-1 Handayama, Higashi-ku, Hamamatsu-city, Shizuoka,431-3192, Japan

Representative Director, President

Yutaka Takahashi

Corporate Goals

Ultimate Goal:Perpetual Youth and Longevity

Midway Goal:Overcoming Illnesses

Corporate Philosophy

  1. Enjoy science and technology.
  2. Contribute to industry formation by returning basic research to society.
  3. As a group of science and technology practitioners, conduct economic activities based on morality.

Origin of the Company Name

To begin with, "prep" means "preparation. The familiar word "prepare" has the same root. And "preppers" are people who make preparations. There are two main reasons for the name "Preppers" in our company.

  1. Preparing for illness and death.
  2. Prepare for disasters.

First of all, with regard to preparing for illness and death, this is a goal that we have set for our science. We have a sincere desire to cure as many diseases as possible and to save as many patients as possible. We intend to develop our business in various ways to achieve this goal.

Secondly, with regard to preparing for disasters, this is related to the fact that we are a Hamamatsu Medical University venture. Hamamatsu is expected to be severely damaged by a Nankai Trough earthquake. Hamamatsu Medical University Hospital is putting a lot of effort into disaster prevention training so that it can function as a nucleus in the event of a disaster. And we, as a university-launched venture, would like to contribute in various ways, such as disseminating information on emergency response to disasters.